Web Development Course

The classes will start on

29 September, 2023

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What you will learn

Summary of the course:

If you dream of getting a job in coding and don’t know where to start, this Web Development Course is for you. Taught by mentors with years of experience working with US-based clients, this course will not just teach you how to code but also it will teach you how to think like a developer.


This comprehensive Front-End Web Development covers various topics essential for aspiring web developers. You’ll begin with HTML and CSS basics, understanding syntax, styling, and responsive design principles. JavaScript will follow, teaching you core concepts, functions, DOM manipulation, and how to create interactive projects.


Moving into React, you’ll delve into key concepts, component creation, state management, and project building. The course also delves into advanced React topics like Hooks, Redux, routing, asynchronous programming, and form validation. Furthermore, you’ll explore Next.js for server-side rendering, integrating APIs, and building dynamic web applications.


In addition to hands-on seven minor projects throughout the course, you’ll undertake a final project to create a social media platform and a real-time chat application using React, Next.js, and Firebase or Socket. IO. This course offers practical, in-depth knowledge and skills, preparing you to excel in front-end web development. Join today !!


What will you learn?

  • Build static web applications using HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Build static web applications using React
  • Build dynamic applications using React



  • Previous web development experience is optional.
  • A laptop or desktop computer is required.
  • Knowledge of coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is also advantageous.


Who is this course for:

  • Batchlores Students looking to get a job in IT,
  • Professionals wishing to switch careers in Tech as Front End Developer.



  • Can a student learn a web development course after the 12th or 10th grade?

Yes, you can learn this course. As long as you have a computer and internet access and are willing to learn, you can benefit from this course and start your career as a Front End web developer.

  • What are the training placements after completing this course?

We have partnered with multiple companies nationwide and internationally to help students secure web development jobs and internships.

  • How long is this web development course?

This course is 2.5 months, where you will learn how to start your Front End Web Developer career.

  • Which web development course is best?

If you are a beginner, a Web Development course from Trainingpoint can help you start. You will learn how to make a website from scratch. You will also learn and code multiple projects within this course.

The classes will start on

29 September, 2023

Don’t miss out on the opportunity! Secure your spot now!


2.5 Months

Lesson 1:

HTML and CSS Basics

Introduction to HTML syntax and structure Understanding CSS selectors and how to use them Creating HTML documents and styling them with CSS Responsive design principles for web development

Lesson 2:

JavaScript Basics

Introduction to JavaScript syntax and structure Understanding variables, data types, and operators Writing functions and loops DOM manipulation using JavaScript

Lesson 3:

React Basics

Introduction to React and its key concepts Understanding how to create components and render them Working with React state and props Understanding React’s lifecycle methods

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