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At Trainingpoint, learning new skills is simply the beginning of an empowerment journey. Imagine yourself in a setting where learning is not a job but a wonderful experience, accompanied by mentors who are not merely teachers but also companions on your professional journey. Aspiring individuals are not just students; they are pioneers, and Trainingpoint is their launchpad.

The story unfolds as each graduate becomes not just a professional but a global IT contributor. Trainingpoint isn’t just an institution; it’s a community, a network of like-minded individuals building a stronger IT landscape in Nepal.

About Trainingpoint

Our Beliefs

We firmly believe in the transformative power of education here at Trainingpoint. We are motivated by our belief that every person has the capacity to influence their future through lifelong learning and personal development. Our goal is to create a safe, welcoming environment where students can follow their interests, express their creativity, and realize their full potential. In order to have a positive influence on the IT industry and beyond, we work to build a community of lifelong learners.


We are committed to driving IT Training in Nepal for developing individuals to be global industry leader.

Holistic Approach

We are nurturing digital minds by theory and practical for future-proof skills, empowering students to thrive in digital era.


Our team of seasoned experts serves as mentors, sharing real-world experiences and preparing students to excel in the IT industry.

In The Numbers

Making a Lasting Impression.



Guided by a diverse network of industry experts, our mentorship program fuels students’ IT journey, unlocking their potential for success.

Specialized Courses


Embark on a transformative learning experience with our  specialized courses, tailored to empower you with the skills needed to excel in the dynamic world of IT.



Step into the realm of limitless possibilities as we empower you with transformative IT training, industry insights, and a pathway to unleash your full potential.

Leading by Experience

Inspired by visionary minds, Trainingpoint is guided by a leadership that fosters innovation and excellence. Our team of experienced professionals brings diverse expertise to shape the future of IT education. Together, we forge new paths and empower students to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

James Wilson

Global President

Sonam Sherpa

Managing Director

Biju Nakarmi

Co Founder

Mani Bibek Acharya

Co Founder

Nabin Paudel

Co Founder

Niraj Shakya

Co Founder

Raj Kumar Rai

Co Founder

Surhid Amatya

Co Founder

Unleash your potential with TrainingPoint’s immersive training. Master real-world skills through hands-on projects and challenges. Make a lasting impact in your career.

Our state-of-the-art learning environments are thoughtfully designed to enhance your learning experience, creating an ideal atmosphere for your personal and professional growth.

Classroom of Trainingpoint

Dive into specialized domains and emerging skills, gaining a competitive edge in the job market. Expand your knowledge, stay ahead of the game, and thrive in your career journey.

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